ACTT was founded in 1994 with headquarter in Danshui, Taiwan and are dedicated to design and manufacturing experience in connectors and cable assembly. ACTT has extensive experience in the field of automotive, consumer electronics, medical and aerospace. Our product application include USB, HDMI, LVDS, USCAR, MODULE, PCBA, ANTENNA, WIRELESS, POWER CHARGER and WATERPROOF
The group’s production sites are located in China and Vietnam which are cetificated by IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO9001, IS013485 and able to do diverse experiment by our professional laboratory.
The purpose of ACTT is shortening the TTM and lowering the expected cost of clients, offering relible design and outstanding quality and makeing clients get the maximum profit by our OEM and ODM services.

Existing ACTT

Digital information is part of our daily life. Market changes occur faster than ever.Interconnect systems need to reflect these changes. ACT is helping customers meet this goal.

Future ACTT

In the 21st century, obtaining information through the Internet has become a mandatory element in all business environments. A zero gap between the customers and ACT is our ultimate goal. The Internet that we use today is not the core of our business but it is the vital system by which we provide quality service and innovative products to our customers.


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ACTT簡介-中文: ACTT公司介紹PPT_20240430.pdf (2.73MB)

ACTT Company Profile: ACTT公司介紹PPT_20240430英文.pdf (2.3MB)